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it is 4:29. here's meteorologist brian hackney with our weather. >> wednesday, i only have two days left. >> we'll let you work the weekend, too. >> oh, thanks very much, frank! i think i'll do that. [ laughter ] >> temperatures in the 50s and 60s, overcast skies a i lot of drizzle and cool days ahead. how about that traffic? >> there's a lot of overnight roadwork out there, as well. this morning between 23rd and high street in the northbound lanes of 880. but if you are catching a flight maybe heading towards oakland airport, this is a live look near hegenberger. we'll have more for everyone. >> juliette bringing coffee for everyone. >> thank you! we have some breaking news to tell you about from the east bay where a baby was shot to death this morning. a 1-year-old child and adult man were killed on gormley avenue in oakland. that is near interstate 880 and 98th avenue. shots were fired into the house where the victims were.
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there is no suspect information at this time. we have a kpix 5 reporter on the way to bring you an update. >> we're following the latest developments in the search for a missing federal investigator. sandra cook's friends and family are concerned and growing more concerned now that she has been missing for more than two days. joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: sandra coke is a good and kind woman. her daughter needs her. her family needs her h. >> reporter: tanya says her sister sandra is missing and might be in danger. sandra is a well respected investigator for the attorneys at the federal public defender's office in sacramento. >> her work has been instrumental in saving the life of one of my clients who was on death row. >> she has spent her career working in legal offices as an investigator fighting for the underdog. >> reporter: the underdog in this case may have nothing to
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do with this. a dog was stolen during the burglary. two men said they were give her $1,000 to get it back. they are in jail, the dog is still missing. >> possibly she was trying to meet with one of these guys, trying to get her dog back. >> that's what we think but we don't know. >> reporter: sandra coke was last seen sunday night at her home on aleen street in oakland. her work phone was found in emeryville and that she traced her sister's cell phone and it ended up in richmond near mcdonald's. this is a commercial area, storefronts church and bank nearby. this intersection is close to a freeway so it's possible somebody tossed the cell phone out as they were traveling up i- 80. >> she needs to come home. if there's anybody out there homeowner knows about her or has her, please, let her go. call the police. let her be in touch with us. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> anyone with information on the case is urged to give the
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oakland police a call. 4:32. food, music and balloons brought bay area neighbors together to celebrate the 30th annual "national night out." the idea behind the event is to give neighbors a chance to meet, greet and get to know one another. at one block party in the maxwell park area of oakland, everyone agreed on one thing. >> we live next door to one another. we should know our neighbors. we are working hard on trying to find new security. we need it so bad. >> a woman was shot and killed while driving her car in the neighborhood recently. hundreds of events were held across the bay area last night. right now, power is back on for more than 37,000 people in san francisco. according to pg&e, the power went out just before midnight last night. the sunset, soma and chinatown neighborhoods were all in the dark for an hour. pg&e believes equipment failure at a substation caused the outage. ac transit buses are
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running this morning. a threatened strike was alerted about an hour before the midnight strike deadline last night. the tentative contract includes a 9.5% raise and has employees paying part of their healthcare costs. it is a three-year deal. >> we will be taking the tentative agreement to our members so that they can review it and scheduling a ratification vote this month. hopefully our members will agree and ratify the contract. >> reporter: more than 1600 but operators and mechanics are covered by the contract. their old agreement ran out at the end of june. and as for bart, this morning management and the unions will make their cases to the independent panel investigating the negotiations. the board's inquiry will report its findings to governor brown by sunday. the governor could order a 60- day cooling-off period before there is another possible strike. stay with kpix 5 for all the latest developments in the bart negotiations right up to and through next sunday's
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deadline and you can also find information anytime at well, it is 4:35. our first check of traffic and weather. and i guess the big cooldown, are we starting to warm up? >> you know what? the numbers this morning at this moment are about three degrees warmer than yesterday morning but there's also more -- did you get any drizzle coming in? >> not much. yesterday more so. >> you know what? we had move up in marin coming in. the drizzle was really pounding down, in fact, they have light rain reported at oakland at this time. temperatures now are about 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. 57 at oakland. 61 san jose. it's probably just drizzle at oakland. the definition of drizzle is -- they get down to the drop size -- got to remember this. the drop size of drizzle is .02." then it's drizzle. who is measuring it out there? i don't know. but we just got some drizzle around marin and coming across the golden gate bridge and on the time lapse here, you can actually see they are picking up a few echoes. in terms of the highs today, we'll be well off our average
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highs again. we should be hitting 88 in livermore. it's going to be 77. the entire forecast in a few minutes. first an update on the road ahead with elizabeth. >> thank you. we are typical in traffic. not a lot going on. we had one minor fender-bender it sounded like the only thing on our chp reports outside right now but i'll mention it in san jose northbound 87 approaching al marks two-car incident on the shoulder approaching alma. no delays through san jose. the altamont pass, usually one of the first spots to back up in the morning but right now your drive time is only 17 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. coming up, we'll get a check of mass transit. back to you guys. crews are knocking down the cleveland house where three women were held captive and raped for a decade. it's being torn down as part of a deal that spared ariel castro a possible death penalty. he was sentenced last week to
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life in prison plus 1,000 years. a manhunt under way for a murder suspect and twist inning children. 40-year-old james dimaggio is suspected of killing the children's mother kristina anderson, she was found dead in the burned rubble of his home sunday night. a child's body was also found. that body remains unidentified but investigators say it could be anderson's 8-year-old son ethan. he and his 16-year-old sister hanna are missing. their father had this message for his daughter. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, take it you run, you'll be found. >> he also urged dimaggio to turn himself in. investigators say dimaggio and christi in a had a close platonic relationship. they say anderson's kids referred to him as uncle jim. he is believed to be driving a
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blue nissan versa 6wcu986. 4:37. this case marks the first time an amber alert text message was sent out statewide. cell phone users heard a tone for about 10 seconds when the text message was sent 11 p.m. monday night. some people were startled, unaware of the national program known as wireless emergency alerts. >> it became a topic of discussion on the neighborhood listserv. i think some people found it invasive. i didn't. it didn't bother me. >> the program uses local cell phone towers to send alerts to any phone in the targeted area even phones with out of town area codes. cell phone users can opt out by adjusting phone settings. the program also includes presidential alerts concerning matters of national security. you cannot opt out of those. in africa, the largest airport in east africa is closed until further notice after a fire destroyed arrivals
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hall today. all flights to nairobi and kenya are canceled or rerouted. there are no immediate signs of terrorism, although today marks 15 years since the u.s. embassy bombings in nairobi and tanzania. yemen says it has foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines and seize some of the nation's main ports. yemen is a key location for the latest terror threats so the u.s. shut down several consulates and embassies there. >> ricca duncan has more. >> reporter: president obama got serious during an interview on the tonight show with jay leno speaking publicly for the first time about the current terror threat. >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. >> reporter: the president ordered the closure of almost two dozen u.s. embassies and consulates in the muslim world this past weekend. 19 of them remain shut down until saturday. >> this radical violent extremism is still out there. >> mm-hm. >> and we have to -- you know,
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we have to stay on top of it. >> reporter: yesterday, the u.s., france and britain evacuated their workers from embassies in yemen because of the threat. >> this is a decision related to a specific immediate threat. >> reporter: the u.s. government continues to target alleged members of al qaeda as it deals with this latest threat. a suspected u.s. drone strike killed four men yesterday. it's the fourth attack in two weeks. >> reporter: a new focus on security overseas surfaced following the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya on september 11th, 2012. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed. charges were filed against some of those linked to the attack including a libyan militia leader. jerica duncan, cbs news, new york. >> president obama also talked about a confirmation that he will go to russia this fall for the g20 summit. he also expressed
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disappointment that russia granted temporary asylum to former national security contractor edward snowden. it is 4:41 now. the water smells and tastes funny. why some very unappetizing water is coming from taps in tens of thousands of bay area homes. >> and close encounters on the water. what may be behind a rise in shark sightings along the east coast. it guides you to a number that will change your life: your sleep number setting. it will give you the soundest sleep you've ever had. it's a bed so intuitive it even knows you by name. now it's easier than ever to experience deep, restful sleep with our advanced dualair technology you'll only find in a sleep number bed. at the simple touch of a button,
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market and a sharp drop in e trade deficit. the dow closed down 93 points. the nasdaq lost 27. 4:43. the markets fell yesterday despite positive reports on the housing market and the sharp drop in the trade deficit. the dow closed down 93 points. the nasdaq lost 27. united states justice department has filed a civil lawsuits against bank of america. it claims the megabank defrauded its investors on $850 million worth of mortgage- backed securities. the government filed a suit in the federal court in charlotte, north carolina. accusations against california mayor are sordid and now a female marine is the 11th
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marine to accuse him of sexual harassment. >> i don't appreciate being used as a bargaining chip to fulfill his sexual desires. >> that is katherine raggazino, an iraq war veteran. she said she and her nurse met with san diego mayor bob filner to ask for his help dealing with the veterans administration. the woman says the mayor seemed to be willing to help but only for a price. >> it was extremely disturbing to me that it made it very clear that his expectation was that his help for katherine depended on my willingness to go to dinner with him, spend personal time with him and be seen in public with him. >> the mayor began intensive counseling this week to address his behavior. but so far, he has refused to step down. cindy sheehan plans to run
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for governor next year. members of the peace and freedom party tell the "sacramento bee" sheehan is expected to announce her candidacy in a couple of weeks. she made headlines for protesting outside then president bush's's texas ranch after her son was killed in iraq. she ran for vice president last year and for the house of representatives before that. 4:45. shark sightles are up this summer not just on tv, mind you. researchers recently noticed an uptick in great white sharks off cape cod. that of course is "jaws" country but the worldwide shark population is at an all-time low. marine scientists say the close encounters likely have more to do with us than with them. >> when you have more people out there looking or more people on or about the water and when you have more eyeballs out there you're going to get more shark sightings. we're encroaching on their habitat more so than otherwise. >> there have also been more sightings off the california coast but experts we spoke with
4:46 am
say that's normal for this time of year as animals migrate from hawaii to feed and breed. >> especially off the farralons. >> yes. >> that's a big breeding and feeding ground. in fact, we were out there shooting for "eye on the bay" and we saw a great while. >> no kidding. >> chewing up a seal. it's pretty sobering. i mean, they are efficient little killers, ergo the name. weather is benign by comparison this morning. we have fog, drizzle, and we have the prospects for a fairly cool next couple of days but take heart, there's warm temperatures coming this weekend. clouds and drizzle this morning. the temperatures from the mid to upper it 50s as you head out early this wednesday morning. and we're going to be looking for things to stay cloudy near the shoreline with sun and clouds a little bit of a mix by the bay, inland sunny and mostly mild today. very nice. 79 degrees in the warmest spots and this is august. low pressure is spinning off
4:47 am
the coast slowly working towards the shoreline. as it does, in northern california there are showers. there is a 20% chance of light showers, maybe even a thundershower out there in the sierra. you can see lake tahoe we have a thunder bumper out there. and if you are heading north of lake shasta, that's also a possibility. maybe a few light sprinkles up there and certainly build-ups over the sierra. for us we're going to be looking for temperatures tocle a bit to 79 at morgan hill, 63 at half moon bay. out in the east a bit numbers will be mostly in the mid-70s. 69 at vallejo, 79 degrees at brentwood and 77 degrees for livermore. up in the north bay, after morning clouds, we'll see the sun coming out the visibilities were great, weren't they, yesterday, when things began to clear out and the extended forecast, we're looking for numbers -- watch what happens after we cool off the next couple of days by the end of the weekend, there's a 90- degree reading there in the extended forecast. we're warming up beginning this weekend. what's the latest on the road? >> things are looking good if you are about to head off on
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your morning commute to get to work on time. no big issues to slow you down. we'll show you several of our live traffic cameras. they are scattered all across the bay area. here's one in the north bay. golden gate bridge traffic looks good. they should be opening four southbound lanes in the commute direction here any minute. right now i think they have two in the northbound direction. no major overnight roadwork. we can't say that in the east bay. traveling 880 in oakland, near the oakland coliseum, it's a little farther north, northbound 880 approaching embarcadero various lanes blocked, three in fact until about 5:00 this morning. san mateo bridge traffic looks good as well on westbound 92. taillights are moving in the commute direction heading out over the high-rise towards foster city. let's get a quick check of our maps because this is where we are seeing that overnight roadwork, as well. all the way through the downtown oakland exits, so it's reported northbound 880 by embarcadero but southbound is where we're seeing the biggest backups so a heads up as you pass broadway you can expect a few delays.
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that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. 4:48. italy's luna rosa sped ahead of artemis racing of sweden to win the first race of the america's cup challenger semifinals. the italian catamaran won by 2 minutes to take the lead in the best of 7 series. it was the first appearance for team artemis since a fatal accident during a training run in may. some fans were disappointed by the small crowd watching the race. >> this is the first time the races have been in close enough to shore that people can watch them from the shore. and most of the time they're 12 miles out and they're no fun but these are going to be great. >> the winner of the italy- sweden series will race new zealand for the chance to take on larry ellison's boat for the america's cup in september. america's cup one of the many events this week that could cause traffic trouble. there are concerts at the america's cup pavilion as well as the outside lands music festival and giants games. the city is hoping people will use public transportation this weekend when they come into the
4:50 am
city. buses will run every five minutes from the civic center bart station, golden gate bridge park and at&t park for the giants. the city will have extra officers directing traffic at busy intersections. and the golden gate larkspur ferry is offering free rides during off-peak hours this month. anyone can get on a boat from the ferry building in san francisco head over to larkspur landing. after you get across the bay you can pick up the free return ticket from any of the country mart stores there. the injured to get people to sample the ferry. fbi agents are zeroing in on several dangerous bank robbers in the bay area. authorities call this guy the up close bandit. the name refers to the clear surveillance photos taken of him during robberies. the fbi says he walks into banks pretending he has a gun then pulls out a note to the teller demanding money. authorities say he hit two banks in san francisco since june. 4:50. a huge powerball jackpot on tap tonight. $425million up for grabs. how people in the bay area are
4:51 am
already getting fired up. >> and stinky, musty water on tap for tens of thousands of south bay residents. but is it safe? ,,,, [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪
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1969 the team began as the pilots. there was a book called ball 4 and did so poorly that year they became the milwaukee brewers. they have been there ever since and they are playing the giants tonight. game time temperature of 56. >> frank looks impressed. your jeopardy lesson for the morning. here's a live look at several traffic cameras. looks like we're already seeing a few delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. just in the cash lanes if you are a fast track user still no delay. and your silicon valley commute looks good this morning. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. >> the great morey wells played for the team. thought i'd throw that in. 4:53 now. nasty smelly water is on tap in
4:54 am
some south bay communities these days. kpix 5 reporter keit do went to mountain view to find out what the stink is all about. >> reporter: at allison taylor's home in los altos, there's really no polite way to describe the smell and taste of the water. >> tastes like lake water. honestly. >> reporter: it does taste a little like there's dirt in it almost. we are in what's call the smell and taste season. from august to october where the combination of summer heat and low water levels in the san joaquin delta causes the algae to multiply. the algae survives the trip to all the various reservoirs in the south bay. it eventually ends up here at the rincon nada water treatment plan in los gatos. the 45-year-old to silt is so old it doesn't have the high- tech machinery to get rid of the smell and taste. >> sometimes they say it's dirt-like. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district says thinks the most severe case in five years. the district calls it
4:55 am
anesthetic issue and says the water is safe. i would imagine some people would say, safe? yeah, right. >> reporter: right. yeah, that's some of the calls we may get are often of that nature. i kind of explain to them the science behind it and why it comes from the dying off of the algae and it's a by-product and all it is is -- is taste and odor. >> reporter: no comfort to allison who filters her drinking water and bought a new dishwasher thinking that might solve the problem. they say it's safe to drink. you trust them? >> i don't trust anyone. [ laughter ] >> i mean, unfortunately, so many things in our country are falling apart and we have to take things on ourselves. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> cal water serves about 65,000 customers down in the silicon valley. time to dream a little bit. what would you do with $425 million? people in the bay area are hoping they will soon have to figure that one out. cavanaugh liquors in san
4:56 am
lorenzo has sold winners before. people were lining up to buy tickets. it's the fourth largest jackpot ever. >> i have a dream that if i win the biggest prize, you know, i can be help people. >> the chances of matching all five numbers plus the powerball number is one in 175 million. >> but it only costs two bucks. have you tried taco bell's latest breakfast offering? scrambled eggs, sausage and syrup. it's so popular in its test markets, this week the chain is adding it in to 100 other restaurants. they are testing other new breakfast items including
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oatmeal with fresh berries, yogurt and granola parfait and a drink that blends mountain dew and orange juice. strike averted, buses rolling for ac transit this morning. what negotiators say helped close this deal. >> reporter: a one-year-old boy and his father shot and killed in their home in east oakland. we'll have details in a live report coming up. ,,,, ,,
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from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ we are a company of one hand and a company that's working hard and we worked hard together and we got this done. >> a last-minute deal to stop an ac transit strike. >> bottom line is you have to catch ac transit to get to work or school tomorrow you will be able to. >> sandra coke is a good and kind woman. her daughter needs her. her family needs her. >> a plea for help from the family of that missing oakland woman. >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. >> president obama speaks out about the terror threat that shut down embassies in the
5:00 am
muslim world. >> criminal charges have been filed in the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. >> sometimes they will say it's a little like dirt. >> nasty taste from bay area taps. >> the santa clara valley water district says they are battling mother nature right now. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, august 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning, too. i'm juliette goodrich. michelle is off this morning. it is 5:00. we're going to check in with brian and get a look at our weather and also our traffic with liz. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for coming by kpix 5. we're starting out with drizzle this morning almost to the point of light rain which is being reported in oakland. the numbers right now a bit warmer than yesterday. upper 50s and 60 degrees in fact in san jose. as we look at that low pressure spinning abeam san francisco and look at the clouds being

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